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The project is part of the key action 2 of the Erasmus + 2014-2020 KA2 – Strategic partnerships-partnerships in VET, namely cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices.

The project aims to provide young technical education graduates better chances to occupy jobs in the labor market in Romania and the EU.

The project aims to develop key skills for pupils in basic home automation (smart home automation) and improving teacher skills in electronics and automation, fields specific to the participating schools  in the project.

It is a transnational project; the selected partners  have a rich experience in developing home automation projects. Our partners are interested in this project because the world uses different home automation systems, thus they want to analyze and choose the best solutions for the implementation of home automation installations in their own curricula.

Through this project we want to use Moodle, both for implementation and for dissemination.


Project objectives:

  • increase the knowledge level of students / teachers on the realization of home automation electronical installations ;
  • offers educational adaptation of participating schools  in the project, to the new economic conditions imposed by the dynamics of the labor market;
  • achieving professional relationships between the teachers participating in the project to establish employment opportunities for students and their integration into the European labor market;
  • increasing the quality of initial and continuing vocational training by ICT including the use of Moodle;

The project activities are:

  1. Four intellectual products namely:

O1: Electronical installation of home automation Curriculum for the X-th class;

O2: A general Catalogue of home automation systems;

O3: Practice Guide for home automation wiring of a home with two rooms;

O4: Instruction Manual for automation devices used in electrical installation for home automation

Six project meetings during the two years, as follows:

The first and last project meeting will take place at the Electronics and Telecommunications Technology School of Constanta, Romania.

The other four meetings will be held at the participating Schools from Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal;

Two multiplier events -which will take place at the Electronics and Telecommunications Technology School of Constanta. The first multiplier event will be at the end of the first year of the project, in July 2017, with the title:

E1: “The necessity to implement home automation installations in high school technical education in Romania”;
The second event multiplier at the end of the second year of the project, in July 2018, with the title:

E2: “auxiliary curriculum materials for home automation installations”;
The events will be attended by specialists from Romania interested in implementing of home automation installations.

Special training activity for  5 teachers in the field of home automation; This training will take place in early February 2017 in Spain.
The training of 14 students in the field of home automation , which will be held in the month of March 2018 at I.E.S Miguel Catalán School, Coslada, Spain;
The training of a computer science professor to manage Moodle which will take place in early February 2017  in Spain.